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Crystal Candles

Every Candle is upcicled and suitable for an special occasion.

100% natural ingredients!


Candle magic

Candle magic is a form of magic where candles are used as a tool to manifest intentions, desires, or spiritual goals.

It is based on the belief that the flame of a candle can represent different energies, and by focusing one's intention while lighting and burning the candle, those energies can be directed towards a specific outcome.

Practitioners of candle magic often choose candles of specific colors and with specific accessoires. Each color and accessoires has its own associated energy and meaning.

The process typically involves setting a clear intention, lighting the candle, and focusing on the desired outcome while the candle burns. 

Candle magic is practiced in various spiritual and magical traditions around the world.

It's often used for purposes such as manifestation, protection, healing, spiritual growth, and divination.

My Candles

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