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  • Can I get anonymous advice from you?
    No, that is not possible. In the following, I list a few anonymous free counseling services for acute situations, which you are welcome to contact at any time: Krisenchat (bis 25 Jahre): Whatsapp & SMS, english possible Hilfetelefon: in 18 languages available
  • What is the advantage of self-pay for me?
    If you pay for the consultation yourself, your data will not be passed on to insurance carriers or other third parties. This can be an explicit advantage for you, for example if you want to work in the civil service or if the stored information could have a negative effect in some other way. If you're under 18 you often will need your legal guardians/parents signature for professional help or with connecting to professional help services. With online counseling YOU choose where and when you need help independent from your legal guardians.
  • When does the duty of confidentiality apply? Does it also apply to family members?
    As a psychologist, I am obligated under § 203, Paragraph 1 of the German Criminal Code (StGB) to maintain confidentiality about all information entrusted to me and made known to me in the course of my professional activities. The obligation to maintain confidentiality also applies to family members and friends. The obligation to maintain confidentiality is only waived if you release me from this obligation.
  • What exactly is the difference between therapy and counseling?
    In counseling sessions no psychological disorders are diagnosed it's more a supporting accompaniment. As soon as I notice that a topic needs more profession and depth, I support you in finding another professional.
  • How do you work? Do you specialize in certain topics?
    During my professional life I was allowed to get to know almost all disorders diagnosed according to ICD-11. In my counseling sessions I mainly use intervention techniques from behavioral therapy and systemic therapy. My other main focus is on your connection to yourself and nature linked to finding individual rituals for yourself that help you build a healthy routine and finding back into the rhythm of nature.
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