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About patience, home & islands of rest

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I am currently in the Canary Islands, in Fuerteventura. I can finally say that I have arrived well in this vanlife and miss having an apartment. I'm enjoying my trip of course, because I know it's just a trip and not a final stage. The plan is in half a year to live in an apartment again but abroad not in Germany. But some days I lack patience, I would love to change everything to be in this new state. The state of being at peace in one place, in one community. Today will be about how you can practice patience.

I want to talk about two causes of impatience, because they are also a bit of my themes. Maybe you will find yourself in them.

Cause I: Suppression

Some people have too much patience, e.g. with people who obviously exert hurtful influence, but who nevertheless always get another chance (maybe they'll change). Something like that puts me off, because I've been to that point too and never want to be there again. So it may be that impatience is simply a supression strategy. One is aware of what further steps are coming and also what feelings, come with it and can't wait to change it. So impatience arises and from it the motivation to initiate new ways as quickly as possible.

Cause II: Addiction to stimuli

What can also be a possible cause of impatience is addiction to external stimuli. There are moments when you may be living so fast, experiencing so much, that the moments of calm and stillness, when they occur, drown you. You may be constantly stressing yourself out to experience, feel, do something instead of just relaxing. Then, when the new stimuli don't set in, you become impatient. So one solution to this can be to invite relaxation into your life! But how?

First of all, admit to yourself that you can relax. Say lovingly to yourself, in your thoughts or out loud: I may relax now. I have done/experienced enough. Now it is time for me to relax.

The next step would be to create islands of calmness in your everyday life. As often as possible, but at least 1x a week, set aside a period of time to relax. Set the alarm clock for 1 hour just for you and your being. In these islands of rest, do NOTHING. This is very important. You can think, but do not force yourself not to think. Rather, feel how with each quiet island your mind relaxes more easily, until perhaps you reach the point (and if only very briefly) where you realize that you are not thinking a thought. The more often you do this, the easier it is to relax.

Especially spring and summer invite us to enjoy with all our senses. Go for a walk, listen to the birds instead of your thoughts.

Nature is the best teacher in terms of patience 😊 She shows us that every time, no matter how dull and seemingly stagnant, has its own effect and energy for the next cycle. So every phase in your life is also characterized by this energy, in times of standstill grows in you the bloom that you will later carry outward.

Lastly, my book tip for this month. I love to read (in real books, not digital). It gives me a break from technical devices, which is something very special in this century. I like that the book doesn't get warm because the battery heats up but just because of the sun. And I like to hold something in my hand that someone has created. Preferably a personal story!

This month i want to recommend you a book : It's called "Die Wenderin". I thinks its not available in english, but you can check (Link below). It's very thin 😉also super designed for people with "little time". The story brought me back to my roots and I have once again become aware that where I grew up is my home but also: my home is the earth. The traditions, which i learned at home I can live out anywhere, the important thing is that I feel comfortable. Click here to get to the book --> Klick hier


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I am a  psychologist (B.Sc.) and shamanic healer. Since 2023 I offer psychological schamanic counseling online in german & english. You'll find my podcast "Inspiration to heal" on all podcast platforms.

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