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How to perform a shamanic ritual!

I'm glad your path has led you here. In my podcast episode about the festival Lughnasadh, I describe how you can create a ritual. I think it's very important that you do what feels good to you. I'm happy to give you my guidance but keep in mind that what works best is what comes out of you. Intuitively, from your gut. In a ritual, the most important thing is that you feel connected and that you feel the energy around you so that you can work with that energy.

Step 1: Think about WHERE you want to do your ritual.

To which element do you feel connected right now?

Or what energy can be useful for your ritual? E.g. fire energy to get power to accomplish something.

Step 2: Candle, paper, pen and incense tools

(please be careful and conscious with the candle when it burns! Not every natural habitat is suitable for fire!!!).

Write down what

- you like to manifest, what should come into your life (waxing moon period)

- what you want to let go, forgive (waning moon period)

- Use Incense for your ritual place: e.g. with native plants (instructions & plants can be found here) Laurel is super suitable for a protective circle.

- Go into meditation to mentally prepare yourself for what you want from this ritual.

Step 3: Invite the elements & bring music into your ritual

Many shamans use drums. However, you can decide for yourself what kind of music you like and fits your ritual. The music should help you to deepen and fall into a kind of trance. I use my handpan for this.

Each element brings its own energy, which you can use in your ritual, for you and your wishes. You are free in the design! Just think about which properties fit to which element and which power animal could be useful to you. It is important that you call each element from its cardinal direction and turn towards that direction. For example:

From the east, I invite the element of air into my circle. Please support my wish/ritual with your lightness. Come into my circle in the form of an eagle, which gives me the ability to see everything from a different perspective.

From the south I invite the element of fire. May you support me in my intentions with your driving force and enter my circle in the form of a lioness. May the lioness give me self-confidence and inner strength for the coming time.

From the west I call the element water to me. Please dear water, let me get into a flow in my future and act relaxed from one heart, like a water turtle.

From the north I invite the element earth. Earth, you are the element that holds and protects us all. I ask you to come into my circle in the form of the moose. May you root me and keep me safe. Thank you for your presence!

Step 4: Manifesting and Letting Go

Figuratively imagine what you wish for. Feel what you would feel if your wish came true. What would you tell others? How would others react if you told them about it?

Burn your note.

Say goodbye to the elements from your ritual by first addressing the element Earth from the North and lastly the element Earth from the North.

Step 5: Reflect!

What happened during your ritual? (was it windy? did you see animals? etc.)

How did you feel?

What were you thinking?

Now you have done everything you could for the fulfillment of your wishes. Now you can let go. Everything else is no longer under your control, is no longer in your power.


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I am a  psychologist (B.Sc.) and shamanic healer. Since 2023 I offer psychological schamanic counseling online in german & english. You'll find my podcast "Inspiration to heal" on all podcast platforms.

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