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How to support manifestations with Feng Shui

Making manifestations come true with Feng Shui?

No, not quite. Of course, everyone still has to do something for it themselves if their own dreams are to come true.

But with this Feng Shui map you can: beautify your way, feel more comfortable & remind yourself every day what you want - and if you believe in it, Feng Shui will bring the energy in these areas of your life into motion. For that you orient yourself to this card:

This map represents a floor plan of your living area. The living area is the place where you spend the most time. The front entrance is the entrance to your living area that you use most often. Next, look at where the areas are located in your home.

For example, your hallway could be the career and life path area. So if that is the area where you manifest something, bring movement into that space. You want the energy to flow regularly. This can be in the form of candles, indoor fountains or incense sticks. Plants are best, if they grow well in that area, they allow the energy to flow throughout. Candles, incense sticks and even indoor fountains need to be supervised regularly to make sure nothing happens - plants just do their thing.

Also, the area in your living space should be: clean & cleaned out, sorted & tidy. After all, you don't want the area in your life to be subject to chaos.

I tried it and it worked for me, so I can only recommend it to everyone to at least try it before forming an opinion. Even if it does not work, the apartment then looks clean, neat and beautiful. There are worse things, right?

I believe that by reminding yourself daily or more often why you light a candle in this place, for example, you are in close contact with what you want. And the more often you keep in mind (literally) what you wish for, the greater your own motivation to go for it and trust that it will happen.

I also think it is very important to honor the ancestral realm, because without the lives of our ancestors we would not be here today.

I do this by means of an ancestral altar. This is a small house made of glass (which eigendlich for plants was meant) in which many photos of my family & that of my partner hang. The house is placed in such a way that I am reminded of it every day. With me it contributes to the fact that I feel more gratitude for my way. However, I believe that everyone should decide for themselves if this is the appropriate way for more gratitude, because not everyone has a healed relationship with their own ancestors.

Currently I have energy sources in all areas of the Feng Shui map, even if very small, because I live in the van ;) I enjoy it & feel comfortable with it, that is for me the most important thing in life: that we feel joy in life and live it so that we feel good!


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I am a  psychologist (B.Sc.) and shamanic healer. Since 2023 I offer psychological schamanic counseling online in german & english. You'll find my podcast "Inspiration to heal" on all podcast platforms.

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