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Consulting a medium: my experience

Shaman & Medium Nicole Romes:

Medium Dr. Jana Stapel:

This is a short summary of my podcast episode, which you can find on Youtube. The episode is in German, but there are English subtitles.

i knew early on that (for me) there is even more than i perceive. And I perceive a lot. I have such excellent senses that I have to take good care of myself so that my stimulus channels do not overflow.

From time to time I try to put my senses in order of strength, this of course changes depending on what environment I am in. I would say that feeling, seeing, smelling are always at the top. Taste and hearing come after that.

Of course, this has many advantages: I can "read" people very well, i.e. assess how they may have behaved and will behave. I always know exactly what is happening in my environment, even when I'm not looking, and my well-developed senses make it easier for me to trust myself and listen to my intuition. So that's where my fascination with mediums came from. A medium perceives even more than I do. Most mediums say that they are clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairvoyant. With some everything is true, with others only a "bright" and again others are "crooks" and pull only the money from your pocket with it. This raises on the one hand the question of how to know which medium is serious and on the other hand fear of what can happen in a session. Let's start with the answer to the last question.

What happens in a session with a medium?

My experience has shown that

1. it definitely takes COURAGE to meet with a medium. You need to be prepared to hear things that deep down you already know but may not want to admit. Courage to deal with your feelings and your soul path. Both mediums I have met are very empathic and were careful not to overwhelm me with information.

2. it needs curiosity instead of skepticism. There is a Native American saying that goes:

" If you want to know something, you have to forget everything you know."

And that's exactly how it is. When you go to a medium, be open to everything and ask for insights to come to you in that conversation that you may not want to admit but need to know for your future path.

3. no serious medium googles or stalks you online to gain information. If you believe that, it's either true (because you chose an unserious one) or you're going into the conversation biased and trying to explain everything to yourself without realizing: THAT THERE ARE THINGS FOR WHICH THERE IS NO EXPLANATION.

4. the medium Dr. Jana Stapel is active in the research concerning medium and medium abilities. Currently it was found out that mediums have a specific gene modification which makes them a medium. More about this HERE. So it is provable in the meantime that such abilities exist. In addition, there are also tests that certified mediums take to prove their abilities. There are also devices that can read your aura via biofeedback as well as your chakras and create a type analysis based on that (picture below).

5. the medium Nicole Romes works as a shaman, you can find her approaches and healing methods HERE. This approach is more appealing to me personally, as I live as close to nature as possible and am a shamanic practitioner myself. Not every medium works the same, look for someone who shares your views to feel comfortable.

This brings me to the answer to the next question: How do you know if your medium is reputable?

1. is it certified? Find out about the process of that particular certification and how to get it.

2. what does your feeling tell you when you look online about the medium?

3. what are the prices? My readings were 70-80 euros per 60min. That is a more than fair price.

4. does the medium offer possibilities to get to know his services in other ways e.g. free short initial consultations? Group sessions? On-site events? Otherwise, you can always stop by in person and form an opinion. For example, the medium Dr. Jana Stapel offers online Zoom sessions where several people can participate and she selects, then one person for a reading. The session costs about 20 euros for 1h. Shaman and medium Nicole Romes has for example a podcast, blog posts and also offers the possibility for online sessions.

5. does the medium take time for you? Both mediums timed out my first reading and (although it is noted online that you pay more per 15min started) did not charge me for it. For me, that was another feel-good factor, because I knew that the service to people is still in the foreground. Of course, there should be a balance, because if you always overstay your readings and never have to bring a return for it, I think it shows that your medium does not value his/her work or is not confident enough to ask for the consideration he/she deserves.

6) How do you feel during the interview? In the end, your medium can still be so serious, humanly must just also fit between you 😊

My medium (currently shaman Nicole Romes) should accompany me in the best case for a long time.

Just as I go to a doctor for physical concerns & a psychologist for psychological concerns, I take care of myself on my soul path by going to a medium.

The time intervals are usually very long (6-12 months) until I do another reading. This is because everything that was told to me must first be implemented and then usually new topics arise.

You can go to a medium with any topic. If your issue needs a different kind of healing, trust that the medium will tell you. ALWAYS observe how you feel in the conversation. As long as you feel comfortable, it is your right path.

So, to find your medium you should:

Inform yourself - ask as much as you want - listen to your feeling.

Wishing you many insights & a magical soul journey experience!Das sind die Medien, die ich in diesem Artikel bespreche:


About Me


I am a  psychologist (B.Sc.) and shamanic healer. Since 2023 I offer psychological schamanic counseling online in german & english. You'll find my podcast "Inspiration to heal" on all podcast platforms.

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