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Self-care strategies for motivation & power

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

At the moment I feel very tired, could be due to the warm weather and the fact that the new moon (Cancer on 17.07.23) which was emotionally very intense. I feel like I am working through a lot of issues and at the same time i feel free.

Today I'm going to share with you a few methods that I always use to motivate myself and which help me to get powerfull again.

I ALWAYS try to involve all of my senses when taking care of myself.

Self-care strategies for more power & motivation:

Listening to...

  • Podcasts! I recommend you listen to: Affirmation Babe, Habits of a goddess, Yoga magic, On and Off your mat, divine authenticity, the yoga inspired life.

  • discover new music (e.g. Discover weekly on Spotify)

  • Listen to your favorite music e.g. Spanish songs or Arabic <3


  • Poetry,

  • favorite booktopics and explore whats new on the market or old classics (e.g. thrillers),

  • go to the theater,

  • watch a comedy

  • Sit quietly in nature and observe the world around


  • journaling: write down thoughts, make a to do list, plan wishes so that they can come true

  • Have feel-good conversations, get advice from loved ones,

  • cook something healthy and eat in company,

  • record a podcast episode


  • Bathing/Swimming connceting to the element of water

  • get up early and take advantage of the fresh energy in the morning

  • Fall asleep with a meditation or Nothing much happens- podcast,

  • Yoga,

  • connecting with Spirits (e.g. with fire energy),

  • bring the color red into your life,

  • get a hug


  • use essential oils for more motivation (e.g. citrus oils),

  • take a walk in the woods

  • make yourself a good tea/coffe


About Me


I am a  psychologist and shamanic healer. I offer holistic psychological counseling online in german & english. You'll find my podcast "Inspiration to heal" on all podcast platforms.

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