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shamanic- psychological Counseling

should I choose shamanic -psychological counseling?

Psychological counseling is not a therapy.

It is particularly suitable for people who

  • are waiting for their therapysessions with psychiatrist and would like to fill the waiting time with professional help

  • want to feel connected to their inner rhythm and nature again

  • want to develop individual rituals and self-care strategies for themselves

  • want to get to know the strength of their intuition and realign their lives

  • are looking for a first contact or a neutral conversation partner with a non-judgmental view of your situation

  • are accompanying people with mental illness/life problems and want to find a way to deal with it for themselves

  • want to get to know themselves in order to face their problem

  • who want to find strategies when dealing with a problem or for thein daily life

  • are looking for support for challenges that cannot be solved alone

  • would like to get professional help without being connected to insurance providers 

  • want to seek professional help without being dependent on their legal guardians/parents

  • Behind every professional worker there is also a human being.

  • I share my life experiences and alternative views on life in my blog, yet I master the art of letting each person be who he/she* is.

  • I meet you in a non-judgmental way and do not make diagnoses.

  • This has the advantage that you can be YOURSELF and together we can find a way with which YOU feel comfortable.

  • I believe that psychology and shamanic practices are compatible

  • In my opinion, being close to nature and its rhythms is essential for every human being and has healing powers

  • My way of counseling is influenced by my knowledge of Psychology, systemic coaching, shamanic practices, jin shin jyutzu, breaththerapy, aromatherapy, ayurveda, astrology, celtic traditions and paganism and living with the moon cycle.

  • Here you can find the difference between a shamanic healer and a shaman

  • I want to accompany you to find the version of yourself that you want to live

  • and I want to encourage you to put YOURSELF and YOUR life in focus.

  • In addition to my life experiences, which go hand in hand with my individual lifestyle and my high intercultural competence, I possess a resilient professional knowledge, which I regularly deepen in further education and training.

  • I would like to emphasize here that my online counseling service is a safe space for ALL regardless of their ethnicity, age, religion, disability, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. 🏳‍🌈

WHY should I choose you for getting help?

What else is important to know?

First Session for free!

The first Session (15min) is for free! We get to know each other and see how we get along. Just send me a contact request with the topic "free session".

The session will be conducted online and will be handled confidential.

Making counseling affordable for everyone!

I know a lot of people struggle these days with money. Thats why I set my prices like shown. For me it's important that everyone has the possibility to get professional help.

Anamnese & Counseling Session

After getting to know each other, we start with an anamnese session, where we explore what your topic(s) could be. After this, couseling sessions will follow. You can decide how many and at what time at your convenience. 

My counseling is not...

a therapy. I studied Psychology and I have a lot experience in counseling but I am not a therapist. I work in a solution focused way and with a neutral professional attitude. If I realize that your topic needs more attention and profession that I can offer, I will let you know and help you look for an additional professional.


I will be happy to share my prices with you. Please contact me using the form below.

!Note! if you can't afford my prices, please let me know. We will find a way.

Do you know why paying on your own is an advantage?  Find out here

Let's start!

1. Contact me and let me know that you are intrested in a "free session".

2. All parties included will sign a NDA.

3. If you choose to work with me, you will receive your invoice before each session which you'll have to pay withing 3 days.

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